consolidation takes longer time than usual

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Hi all,

Due to requirement,the conso type we use is force consolidation,while doing which noticed that more time is taken during "Aggregate child entities" and that too for specific year (2024). When drilled through it,noticed there are huge number of data cells processed for each entity.

Example: for entity A,scenario 2024_241_M2 and time 2024M2,possible member combinations along with other UD dimensions is expected to create data  cells in 1000s (at the max) but noticed there are around 40k plus data cells created that stores value 0.(E#A:S#2024_241_M2:T#2024M2:U1#A_001:U2#None:U3#None....U8#None stores 0)

I tried to clear the invalid data cells using clearcalculateddata as well as using data buffer, but nothing worked.Im still able to see 40k plus data cells.

Kindly suggest options that clears the data cells itself and remove the invalid member combinations.




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Please check your application to ensure that your calculations are wrapped with RemoveZeros where necessary.


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@Rev  - 

1. I would recommend downloading the OSD from marketplace and run an analysis on your environment. It is good starting point. 

2. If you are loading Zero's then you have to use RemoveZeros in the environment as @chul mentioned. 

3. Make sure there are no ADC function inside for loop & recommend using Data Buffer.

4. Always use the if condition on Base Entity.