how to sync Prod with DEV ? complete extract to xml from DEV - then upload to PROD?


Happy Feb!

how do I sync Prod with DEV ? We made a lot of changes to DEV over the past 5 months - but didn't upload all of our changes. 

We are thinking of exporting a complete extract of metadata, Cubeviews, dashboards, datamanagement, DataSources to xml from DEV - then delete all metadata, Cubeviews, dashboards, datamanagement, DataSources before uploading our extract to PROD?  Both servers are in different physical locations and therefore have different firewalls.

Is there an article regarding life-cycle management for OneStream ?




That's the basic process. You might not need to delete everything in Prod before uploading (in fact you really shouldn't, if you have stored data already). For something a bit more structured, look into the Application Control Manager solution in Marketplace - although that might be challenging to use if environments are completely separate.

Thanks. Is it "best practice" to extract development's datasources, datamanagement to xml, then import those 2 xml files into Production?

Is there any documentation explaining the use of Load/Extract as a tool for Lifecycle management? Is Load/Extract the only way to synchronize Development and Production environments?

This is a critical process that all 1Stream users need.