(on Prem) Automate Daily Restores from Prod to Test (automate rename in O.S. DB Config tool)

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We like to have a "Prod Yesterday" version in Test that has data from the overnight backup of production.  This helps when working with data issues and testing where one wants to have up to date data.

  The major stumbling block to automating this is the need to automate the Rename Application functionality in OneStream Database Configuration manager.  Has anyone found a solution for this?  Or, for the more general solution of automating a daily restore of production to a lower environment for on premises OneStream? 

Overall process:

 MS SQL job restores the MS SQL DB to the lower environment

 We run the One Stream Database Configuration Tool , select the database, right-click and select "Rename Application"

 Restart the IIS servers

 Import (IE "Load") XML files to apply Test environment config