The ALL-NEW OnePoints Program for Certification Extensions!

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NOW AVAILABLE! The ALL-NEW OnePoints Program for Certification Extensions!

What is it?

The all-new OnePoints Program for certification extensions is LIVE, today, January 9, 2024!

The OnePoints program allows you to earn points for activities like OneStream training, Tech Talks, and technical webinars among many others. Once you accumulate enough points you can submit evidence of those points to extend your certification.


Who is it for?

The OnePoints Program is applicable to anyone that holds an active OneStream certification.

OneStream Certified individuals now have a choice when it comes to certification renewals and extensions to demonstrate their technical knowledge and continued learning through various courses and activities that are meaningful to them. Certified individuals still have the option to sit for an updated exam to extend their certifications instead.


Why did we create this?

After receiving feedback from our certified community, OneStream Certification determined that the prior re-certification and extension process that specified a single course was too prescriptive, and a one-size fits all approach was unscalable. The OnePoints Program is specifically designed to be easily adaptable and enhanced over time as OneStream’s offerings evolve and the OneStream Certified community continues to grow.


How do I participate?

The beauty of the OnePoints Program is that you are already participating!

Begin accumulating and tracking your certificates and confirmation emails so that you can be sure to submit your request for extension BEFORE your current expiration date in CertMetrics.

Not sure where to find your current expiration date? Navigate to the OneStream Portal and click on CertMetrics. Then, extend the “Certifications” menu on the left and click on “Status.” The page will refresh to display any current certifications and dates.

Beginning today, January 9, 2024, we will begin accepting your evidence submissions. Retroactive submissions will be allowed, which means you can submit evidence of approved activities completed from January 1, 2022, through present.


Which activities are OnePoints-eligible?

Visit the OnePoints webpage on the Certification website for more details on the program, including a complete list of OnePoints-eligible activities and the associated number of OnePoints.


How does it work?

  • Earn Forty (40) OnePoints to renew or extend any OneStream Certification
  • Points can be accrued over a 24-month period  

Certified individuals will accrue OnePoints and track their own balances and evidence (certificate, confirmation email, etc.) over 24-months. Points are based on participation in instructor-led courses and select OneStream sponsored activities (i.e., Splash Workshops, WAVE, facilitating a technical webinar, OneStream Press author, and more!). 

Once the required number of OnePoints is achieved, you will:

  • Submit a case in the ServiceNow portal
  • Select “Credentialing”
  • Provide evidence documenting the 40 OnePoints you have earned (can be course completion certificate, CPE certificate, dates, and times of webinars, etc.; full list of accepted evidence is published on the OnePoints page of the Certification Program website)
  • The Certification Team will validate the evidence and extend your Certification expiration date by an additional 24-months in CertMetrics
  • This also updates your Digital Credential at Credly
  • Please only submit evidence when you have completed 40 OnePoints. We are unable to accept and track incomplete submissions.


What if I have questions?

Contact the Certification Team by submitting a ServiceNow case to Credentialing.

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