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Any configuration requirements to use REST API

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We have recently upgraded to version 6.5 from 5.1. Our Power BI consultants want to try the REST API to pull data out from OneStream repositories. Anyone has done this before and knows what setup/configuration need to perform before using REST API? Thanks


It is detailed in the documentation.



Main prerequisite is that you have to have an external authentication provider.

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I have set-up the REST API with our Azure platform. The signon is with Azure AD and that works fine for us. If you have any specific question or difficulty let me know and maybe I can give some tips. (I have done it last summer and it was some trail and error method)

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Hey, @MZ  do you have any update on this. We also do have a similar approach. Currently we have connect OS with Azure. Can we anyway leverage it to connect with BI. Our requirement is to pull data from OneStream repository establishing connection with Rest APIs thereby specifying the server/DB name in Power BI.


Would really appreciate


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HI, OneStream is developing a Power BI connector. I have bene using it and tetsing it. It ises teh Azure log on, so when you have set-up the Azure log on already the other steps are not too difficult. It will allow you to directly query the data, get the hierarchies of your dimensions and get the information from Cubeviews. It is very versatile. I think they are slowly rolling it out, but I do not know their exact roll-out schedule. I would suggest that you ask your local OneStream representative if you can already start implementing and testing it. If you have any further questions etc. let me know. regards, Bart

Hey @NLBart Thanks for you inputs. Really appreciated.

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