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Community Manager


  • Row Definition = A#Sales.Children – this produces 3 children rows
  • Nested Row Member = U1#Product.Children – this produces 5 product rows for each of the 3 Account rows
  • Desired is if for the 3rd account row, 3 products are removed from display, that only that Account row is impacted and not the other two


  • This is currently not possible in the Excel add-in…moving the UD members from one account in the example above, will result in the UD members being removed from all account upon refresh.
  • Workarounds (not ideal):
    • Specify specific member combinations/filters
    • Convert QuickView to XFGetCells, then modify
    • Enhancement Status: This has been requested (TFS#10259) and approved by Development…targeted release unknown.


Source: Office Hours 2020-03-26 Partner Enablement

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