Performance/Load/Concurrency testing tool for OneStream desktop/cloud application

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Hi All,

We are using the OneStream 'cloud' solution with the desktop application required to be installed to access the OneStream functionalities. We would like to perform load/performance testing for the application with 250+ users to check its performace under the load.

Have anyone done performance or Load or Concurrency testing for OneStream cloud application which is accessed through OneStream desktop application?

If you have done this testing before, please share the performance or load testing tool and protocol used for testing the desktop application of OneStream with cloud solution. Your help will be much appreciated.



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I don't know if it will exactly fit your needs but there are a few Solution Exchange options that might be helpful called 'System Diagnostics' and 'Standard System Reports'.

They are straightforward to setup in your application and should provide you some insight. 


Thanks for your reply. System Diagnostics helps to monitor the health of the system. We are looking for a load test tool which can help to generate multiple user activity on the One Stream cloud application. Any suggestions would be greatly help us.

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Ho @maharaja  - The OSD (OS System Diagnostics) provide all the statistics about your application & infrastructure. Especially on DUCS and provide few recommendations on Member formula.  


Thanks for your reply. We need a load test tool suggestion which can help to generate multiple user activity on the One Stream cloud application.

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Hi maharaja,

There is a marketplace solution called load test suite. I have not used it myself, but you could review the instructions guide to determine if it will be suitable for your needs.

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@jacobw  - Thanks for the info and good to know.


Hi @jacobw,

Thanks for your suggestion. We did assess the load test suite tool, but it replicates users logging onto an application through a single user. So, it is not suitable for our concurrency testing where we need to do the test with 200+ users.

We are looking for suggestion of a load/performance testing tool available in the market which best suites with OneStream cloud application, if anyone has done it in the past from their experience. Much appreciate your help.