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Adding % to Cube View Column

New Contributor

In the below screenshot, I want to add % (beside the numbers) to the utilization % but whenever I try to add % using cube view formatting, it adds % to all of the four columns. Is there any specific way I can just add % to just utilization %.

Note: CM and YTD are two columns. Hours and Utilization are levels which fall under these two columns (CM & YTD)


Screenshot -1.PNG


Contributor II

Try this conditional format

If (ColE2HeaderDisplayText = 'Utilization %') Then
    ShowPercentSign = True
End If


Contributor III

@Fuad95  can you show us where you add the formating? And the columns of your cube view in your designer?

This should be in your Cell Formatting.

New Contributor

I would suggest breaking the expansion so that you have 4 columns to apply individual column formatting. That's probably the easiest method. You could achieve it with conditional formatting as mentioned previously.