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I'm having an issue with some custom logos not being pushed to books when being exported as a pdf. I'm using a cube view extender business rule to point to a particular file path depending on the entity that selected. Although this is working when I export from a cube view directly, I get a strange white box with a red x through it and no data populating when trying to export the same cube view as a book. Has anyone experienced something like this? You'll see an example of it working and not working below:





Not Working:





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Those are two different entities?  Does Western Arkansas render properly in a standard cube view when doing the PDF export?  I'm wondering if you have a logo that is an incorrect type/corrupted.  I remember at one point trying something other than PNG (maybe jpeg?) and it wouldn't work.  I think we use PNG for all logos and dashboard button components.

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Correct those are two different entities, wanted to show that it is working for some but not others. And yes, it renders properly in a standard cube view when exported to PDF. 

I'm using png's for all of the logos, however I did notice that the ones that aren't working were originally jpeg's that I converted to png. This initially worked for all of them, but I was thinking something similar to you that maybe the images have corrupted somehow.