Book - Pass Input Parameter to Loop?

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Is there a way to pass the Required Input Parameters for a book into a loop?  For example if the users picks 2024M3 for time I want to be able to produce a report for that period as well as a report for -3 months and -12 months.  I can get T#POV, T#PovPrior3, T#POVPrior12 to work but I would like to use the input time instead.  Input Param.PNGLoop.PNG


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Hi heatherwine: you're on the right track! You should be able to swap the Loop Member Filter to:

T#|!Param_T_Quarters!|, T#PeriodPrior3(|!Param_T_Quarters!|), T#PeriodPrior12(|!Param_T_Quarters!|)

I cannot tell from your screenshots, but I assume your reports are either using a Time parameter equal to Loop1Variable or you are setting the appropriate Time parameter to Loop1Variable in your Change Parameter.

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