Can I use XFMemberProperty in a Cube Cell Format field?

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Hi all, 

I wonder if I can use the following code in a Cube Cell Format. 

       "XFMemberProperty (DimType=Account, Member=|MFAccount|, Property=AccountType)"

The idea is to flip value sign in case AccountType is 'Expense'. 


If ('XFMemberProperty(DimType=Account, Member=[RowE1MemberName] , Property=AccountType)= 'Expense') Then
               FlipSign = True
End If



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Hi Rafael,

I don't think you can do that probably you could try using an XFBR rule, but the challenge is passing the account from cell POV to the rule. I'll give it a shot, but if you can share how you've built your CV, I can help with a better solution.


Thanks, Omkareshwar
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Hi Omkar, 

this is the thing. 

I have a column set with 3 members (Actual, Budget, Var_Scen),

where Variance is calculated as follows:

If AccountType = "Expense" then  

Variance = (Actual - Budget)


Variance = (Budget - Actual)

The goal is implement a Guided_Reporting ColumnSet, so I don't know the accounts in the RowSet.




Rafael Vidal 




Raphael - to answer your most recent comment, try using the BWDiff member filter to calculate the variance, rather than trying to flip the sign on the expense accounts.  BWDiff will inherently calculate the variance based on account type (revenue, expense, etc.).