Can you reference two different columns when attempting to apply conditional formatting in a cube view?

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Originally posted by Jill Balke

I am looking to do a conditional formatting that would return a result based on a cube view showing both a variance dollar amount of over $4m and over 5% which are in two different columns of my cube view, and I haven't been able to figure out how to look at data in more than one column for conditional formatting yet.  Would this be possible?


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Originally posted by Colin ONeill

I don't know 'OneStream conditional formatting', but in Excel, the conditional formatting would look like this:


Select cell(s) to apply the conditional formatting to.

Home > Styles > Conditional Formatting

Use a formula to determine which cells to format

   Format values where this formula is true:

      =AND($G5>4000000, $H5>0.05)

   Click Format

      Add shading format as desired

   Click OK

Hope this helps.

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Any luck on how to do this in OneStream?