Chart & CubeView Size in Powerpoint

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Hello Community, 

I have an issue with the chart size, if I try to display it in powerpoint, using the extensible documents function like this. I tried several different zoom factores, but all efforts failed. I want to place 2 charts next to each other, but every time I try to decrease the picture size, so two charts could fit on one slide, or change the settings, I only see 40% or 50 of the charts. Question: Is there a way to decrease or increase the size of charts/pictures in powerpoint, but still be able to see 100% of my chart? I´m facing the same issue with some Cubeviews. 

{XF}{Application}{CubeViewReport}{Chart Name Here}

PageNumber=1, CropLeft=100, CropTop=100, CropWidth=0, CropHeight=0,
Zoom=100, MaintainAspectRatio=True, FillMode=Width, Anchor=TopLeft,
IncludeBorders=True, IncludeReportMargins=True, IncludeReportHeader=True,
IncludeReportFooter=False, IncludePageHeader=True, IncludePageFooter=False

Many Thanks for some tips and tricks.



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Hey Markus,

this sounds like it might need an enhancement request. Please get in touch with Support and work with them to see if there is something that will work, and if not, feel free to post it on IdeaStream.

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Hi @jhackman ,

Thanks for your reply.

To be on the same page: Is there no option for extensible documents to say "fit content (i.e. a chart) to picture size"?

if not, then I´ll get in touch with the Support. 🙂  

I don't know much about xfdocs, but according to documentation these are the only size-related options supported:

  • FillMode Options: Width, Height, LargestSide, SmallestSide
  • Anchor Options: BottomCenter/Left/Right, MiddleCenter/Left/Right, TopCenter/Left/Right
  • Cropping Options: This allows a user to narrow in on a portion of the image before other settings are applied.  The default setting is 0 which means cropping is not being used.
    CropLeft, CropTop, CropWidth, CropHeight

Note the bold bit: if you crop, your image will be cut before any other operation happens. If you're not seeing the entire chart, the first thing to do is getting rid of the cropping options, because they are not meant to resize but to chop.

Next, you can try to play around with the FillMode options, which are the ones meant to resize stuff. If they are not enough, you'll have to talk to Support or file a proposal on IdeaStream.

To be honest, it's hard to do advanced layouting with macros... One (untested) idea could be to try and constrain those images on the Powerpoint side instead, with very rigid containers.