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Combine data extracts

New Contributor

Does anyone know if it is possible to combine multiple data extracts into one file in OneStream?
We have several DM jobs that we want to extract information about what contributes up to parents. We have found no way to do this in one DM job as the filters needed for each just won’t work for multiple rollup points. So alternatively we thought if we could combine those files it would work. Or perhaps a business rule that could somehow loop through the hierarchy we need and ‘build’ the larger file to save to the file explorer?


New Contributor

Hey Keri,

You could create a business rule to run after the extracts where you open up each of the exported files and combine them into one.

Another alternative to consider: It’s possible to ‘write’ cube views to a file via a business rule. So I’ve seen some solutions where clients create cube views with the specific intersections they want to extract and extract data via that cube view written to a text file versus a DM data extract to file.

So maybe depending on how much data you need to export and the # of unique intersections maybe the cube view approach would work?

New Contributor

We're doing this - have a few steps in a sequence to run different data management extracts, then have a final step to execute a business rule to combine all the files. You'll need to write the BR yourself, no way to do this with anything provided out of the box.