Commentary on a dashboard

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Hi Folks,

I have created a dashboard for Flash reporting, and I’m trying to add a section for commentary. I’ve used the View member “Annotation” in the cube view. This works fine for short comments or comments the length of column, anything beyond that is not visible.

Anyone have an suggestion on how to get around this, eg wrap text or maybe another option to add comments to a dashboard. As an FYI, the comments are linked to the parameter on the dashboard.

Thanks in advance.


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Hey Leyton… how’s it going?
Are you looking to display the commentary on the same cube view row containing data or can the commentary be displayed in a separate text box component within your dashboard?
I’ve built something similar on my end a user clicks any data cell in cube view and the related commentary to that particular cell is displayed in a separate text box on same dashboard.

The trick is to query the DataAttachment table which contains all text related data. As I click on a data cell within the cube view, the selected cell’s POV is used to query the DataAttachment table and return the value in the Text field. This query is setup in a data adapter which is then assigned to a text box dashboard component.

Happy to elaborate if this is what you’re looking for.

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Hi Cosimo,

Good to hear from you. All good here thanks, hope all is going well with you.

I originally had the commentary section in the same cube view, but have changed direction and looking to use a grid view instead for the commentary. First time trying to create a grid view for this purpose so still trying to figure that out, any guidance would be helpful.

I only recently started building out dashboards, so still a lot to learn and figure out.


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This topic came up the other day.  Try using a Cube View Connection in the Spreadsheet module with the Cube View and its commentary.  The commentary text will word wrap when used in Spreadsheet.