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Conditional Formatting in CubeView in the "annotation" or other "Text" cell

New Contributor II

I would like to apply conditional formatting to a Cube View column that contains "Annotation", "Variance Explanation" or other textual data.

I have tried  IsNoData and "CellAmount" conditions, but with no success.


I would appreciate any direction.

Thank you!


Yan Savinsky


Contributor II

Hi Yan, 
This is what we're using for values, formatting the cell to be red when it's not zero: 


We also use this to call out intercompany accounts on a different CV: 


Maybe the issue is in the formatting of the conditional request? Hope the above are useful. 


Thank you, Nicole!

The row I am trying to apply conditional formatting to has View dimension set to V#Annotation so it has text in the cells instead of numbers. I tried the "CellAmount" condition and it does not work. I also tried "IsNoData" with no success. Basically I want to change the background of the cells with "Explain --->" text in them.

If (CellAmount = "Explain --->") Then

BackgroundColor = Yellow

End If

If (IsNoData <> True) Then

BackgroundColor = Yellow

End If





How is the cell getting "Explain --->" in it to begin with? Is that text based on something that you could use for your conditional formatting (ie. Var % column >100)? 

I am using a UD8 member with the member formula. Formula checks that both amount and percent variances exceed specific thresholds and if they do, places "Explain --->" in the V#Annotation for that account.

I am thinking I will have to add similar checks in the CubeView Extender BR and apply formatting that way.

CubeExtender does it only for a report. I don't think it'll do that on "Data Explorer." Keep that in mind when you go ahead with it.


I would submit a OS support ticket and ask if any of the conditions for the conditional formatting can be used with text. I assume CellAmount is only for numbers but I wonder what the restriction on IsNoData is and what the explanation is regarding why it's not working. Maybe try IsDerivedData = True instead of IsNoData, though that's just a guess. 

Hi Yan, did you come across a solution for this that did not require an Extender BR? I am in a similar situation where I need the conditional formatting to evaluate a text cell similar to yours which contains "Explain --->". 

New Contributor II

Unfortunately no: the only approach that seems to be available is the Extender business rule.

If you use a cubeview extender rule, you might get some leverage (Not tested). However, I don't think the UI has anything related to TextValue.