Cube View Cell Formatting

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In this Cube View I'm building there are multiple columns - some of them amounts and some percentages. I tried to put the percentage and decimal formatting for those respective columns in the column cell format. However, that formatting is being overridden by the row formatting. I'm trying to get the cell formatting to do no decimals and no percentage signs for the cells that don't need it and decimals and percentages for cells that need it. Please provide some guidance! I attached a screenshot below:


Formatting cube view.PNG


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Please follow these steps:

1) select the column you want to change the cell formatting;

2) select "row overrides" tab;

3) In the "row range" fill the name of the row

4) in the cell format do the changes you want



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Hi stephenkf: row/column overrides are certainly a way to fix this.  However, you might want to do a more fundamental review of your formatting structure.  If possible, set the standard formatting in the Cube View Default section, then go down the path of column specific formatting, row formatting, and then overrides as needed.

General reminder: formatting is applied in the following order:

  • Application Default
  • Cube View Default
  • Column Formatting
  • Row Formatting
  • Column Overrides
  • Row Overrides