Customize OneStream Right Click Possible ?



Hi Team,

Just want to understand, can we customize the standard Drill down reports or may be add 2 more rows in there and call some cube view reports from there.

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Darpan Bhansali


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Hi Darpan,

You can link cube views where you can navigate from one cube view to another cube view while passing along the POV of the current cell you have selected in primary cube view. The setup is done on the Navigation Links section in cube view definition.

Note in 2nd screenshot below that I use runtime parameters ClickedEntity, ClickedPeriod, ClickedAccount, etc. These runtime parameters track the user selected members from the main cube view and are then used on 2nd cube view as E#|ClickedEntity|, T#|ClickedPeriod| and so on…

Hope this helps!


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Thanks a lot, it will be definitely a great help to us.

Can we try a Report / Dashboard and get the data from External Data Base as well ?


Darpan Bhansali

Hi Team,

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i understand that there are some dashboards in which we can see the cube data and if we right click we can call the stage data or some external DB Query.

but still no hints or reference dashboards for it, Can anyone help here plz.


Darpan Bhansali

As far I know, I don’t think we can update the right-click pop up menu to launch/link to anything other than cube views. It would be nice in future releases if OS would provide navigation link options to dashboards also.

Rather than using the right-click menu, I use a dashboard button to open another dashboard while using the selected POV from the current cube view. cube view.

Right, we are also on your foot steps Cosimo.

but can you help us to how to pass the respective values from the selection into the another report.

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Using the screenshot I provided in my original reply, you would use the parameters set on the source cube view as parameters in the “navigate to” cube view. For example, use |!ClickedEntity!|, |!ClickedAccount!|, etc. in the linked cube view. You do not need to define these parameters as dashboard parameters… they are session runtime parameters,

When the user then runs the cube view and attempts to Navigate To another cube view, it will use the POV of the currently selected cell to populate the bound parameters set on the Navigation Link panel.

we actually created the button and calling the dashboard from that, and it worked.


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Can you explain how you use a button to open another dashboard using the selected POV.  Does that mean a user can click on a row in one cube view, hit a button and pull up a detail from a linked cube view based on the cell POV?  We are looking to do something similar for drilldown.  I can right click and drill to dashboard but I would rather use a button.