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I am having some issues with customizing Dashboard reports to fit my client's data visualization requirements. I  would appreciate some instructions on how to solve them or a suggestion of workaround.

  1. Cannot load/edit colors in Advanced Chart

I have not been able to create a new color or input my client’s color pallet into Dashboard – nor on charts or report. I am able to choose the RGB color on Clube View, but on dashboard advance chart I can only chose colors from the drop down and even then they do not apply well to every type of chart. For Radio chart for example the colors do not change on the legend or the bullets. In Report I was able to create a new color pallet but it simply does not apply to the chart.




Client pallet:





Cube View color edit:



  1. I cannot link data to the X and Y axis of the chart in Report

I created a radio chart in the report component to have more editing functions, however, I could not find how to link my dimensions to the graph. I typed my product names on the series, but they are not linked to my product dimension. I also wish to associate the Y axis with my Volume account and the X axis to the UD4 Location. On property, I tried adding a new DataSet, but it would be an external one, not data from One St itself.








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Hi there,
I tested quickly in a cube view and in a report with your color. 


Can you check that the bacrkground codes are like this : 
BackgroundColor = #FF232B73, ReportBackgroundColor = #FF232B73

Regarding the second, i can not test that, sorry!

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The second question will depend on how you actually generated the data, i.e. what the Data Adapter is and how it's configured.

In terms of documentation unfortunately we don't have much at the moment, but you can find something in the STUDIO REPORT DESIGN GUIDE FOR WPF which was included in the Documentation bundle up to version 7.0 (sections "Integrate with a Chart Control", "Chart with Static Series", "Chart with Dynamic Series").