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Dashboard - Refresh/Redraw

New Contributor

It appears that my chart only changes when I "refresh" the Dashboard it is contained on, and the Parameter prompts do not prompt when I "redraw" the dashboards.


How can I get the chart to Refresh w/o the CV parameters prompting the user?

Thank you, Stephen


Valued Contributor

Yes, redraw isn't requesting new data from the server, therefor it doesn't need these parameters.

If you don't want a new parameter request from the dashboard, you need to use lists, comboboxes, buttons or other controls embedded in the dashboard. The cubeview is then picking up the parameter from these objects instead of requesting them from the user.

Hi, thank you for responding ... I will explain in more detail ...I am using Comob Boxes and Buttons attached to parameters.  The Buttons/Drop downs are then connected to the Queries to change the data ... Am I not utilizing the Buttons and ComboBoxes correctly?

Then it should work without a prompt. It sounds simple, but I also had problems like this caused by typos in the parameter name. Check the data adapter, but also the cubeview and labels.

You can also check the parameter types for buttons and Dropdown? They are distinct and not interchangeable.

I hope you will find the problem soon, if not please export the dashboard and the needed cubeviews and attach it here, I will have a look.

We figured it out ... I did not have Supplied parameters created and attached to the Dashboards ... who knew that normal parameters were not enough.  Thank you though for the responses and help!!!!

What did you select for "Selection changed User Interface action"? you need to use Refresh and mention the dashboard you want to refresh. I usually create a toolbar dashboard and a content dashboard and then assign them both to a grid dashboard (1st row as a toolbar with 50 height and second row as *). This will help you in refreshing just the content dashboard from the toolbar dashboard.