Date in Cubeview Title needing to match prior year date

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I set the cubeview date to the prior year from the current month input.  I can't get the report title date to show the prior year date, it actually shows the user cubeview date June 2021.  My user input date is 2023M1, and report date is 2022M1 based on the formula T#YearPrior1(|!Param_Time_Select!|)Period(|!Param_Time_Select!|) in the Column formula.  If I put |CVTimeDesc| in the title setting I get June 2021.  How do I get the prior year to show of Jan 2022?


New Contributor III

If you have the parameter in the cube view time POV then try this in the title/page caption. You'll need this in the cube view POV to work to pass through the variable.

|CVTimeShortDesc| |CVYearPrior|