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Dear community, 

We encountered an issue with clients' display screens in OneStream. 

 In the cube view formatting, we use the font family Geomanist Regular, and we have defined the text for certain rows as bold or italic. 

When we run the cube views, the formatting is correct on the consultants' view, but the clients do not see the differences between bold vs. non-bold or italic vs. non-italic text. 

The text font appears to be different as well. 

Please see the screenshot below for references. 

Consultant's display


Client's display



Currently, all project team members (consultants and clients) have administrator rights, and we do not have any other culture setting in the application. 

Can anyone suggest what we can check to resolve this?

If there are any similar experiences, kindly share them with us. 

Thanks in advance!





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Hi @LisaC 
I am quoting support "If none of the font names defined in a font or font-family declaration are available on the browser of the user, the browser will display the text using its default font".
For that reason I suggest that you stick to Google Fonts. If you decide to use custom fonts, then you would probably need to first install it on the client computer.
Hope this helps.

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