Embedded Custom Control Dashboard

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Dear Community,

I am struggling with components that are coming from 2 differents workspaces.

Right now, I have a dashboard which is in Workspace A, that have a cube view cube and buttons to open other things in dialogbox from the same workspace. It's working fine on its own.

I have dashboard in workspace B, where I need to embed the dashboard from workspace A. I ensured that both are shareable workspaces, they also have shared workspace names.

My problem is, and I can see it in the dashboard design mode, none of the parameters that are in the embedded dashboard from workspace A are shown, so it behave like these input parameters don't exist and its messing up everything.

I've seen these options since V7.4 related to "Embedded Custom Control Dashboard" but I don't know if I can use this to solve the situation ?



- Parameters from Dashboard A (workspace A):


- Parameters of Dashboard B with embedded Dashboard A (Workspace B). As you can see, none of the parameters from Dashboard A are shown :




Community Manager
Community Manager

If you use a dashboard as a custom control and it requires parameters, you have to specify them:


If you don't want to manipulate those parameters at all, you can try setting the type as Embedded Dashboard instead, and see how it works.

Unfortunately all of this is very new for us too and knowledge in this area is scarce, so I can't help more than that. Maybe contact Support if everything else fails.