Excel Column Freeze (Export/Book)



Is there a way to determine where the freeze panes will be placed in a cubeview upon the export to excel?  It looks to default wherever the headers end, but I have a view where I'm calling a naming convention using UD8 (data grid).  Also, I noticed no panes are frozen when a same cubeview is called in a report book using the excel export item.  Is there a way to customize these settings anywhere?




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Community Manager

The only options available to customize CubeView output in Excel are in the relevant section of their Designer view, or in the Format property of rows/columns. Those affect the "export" output and/or getting pulled from the Excel add-in or Spreadsheet component.

The only options affecting Books are in the related Book step. 

If you think there is something that should be added to either of those sections, you might want to log a suggestion in IdeaStream.

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Why not just view the Cube View in Excel, as opposed to exporting from the Data Explorer view to Excel.
If you have an Excel worksheet where you put the freeze panes on whatever row you like, and then use the Excel add-in (or Embedded Spreadsshet) to insert an existing Cube View into a certain location in your spreadsheet, then all you have to do is refresh it.  
This saves having to go into the OneStream Client, opening the CubeView in Data Explorer mode, and then exporting to a new excel file every time.