How can we display top or bottom lines in excel column header.

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Dear Community,

we have requirement to display top and bottom lines in all the column headers in excel format.


Here in this above image, a line should appear below the scenario and view columns. Here both of the columns are overridden. If I apply "ExcelBottomBorderLineStyle" in Cell formatting. It applies for both of the columns since both are overridden.


Here, in this case I have created a blank row named it as "Row1" and given this condition below: 

If (RowName Contains 'Row1') Then
ExcelTopBorderColor = Black, ExcelTopBorderLineStyle = Thick
End If

Anyhow, this method works only if I create a blank row and applied this conditional formatting. Is there any other way/formatting setting that can be applied to achieve this? Any solutions to this will be really helpful.




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I tried a few things but I don't think the results are what you'd like.

I think the only realistic approach here, if you can't produce a file that suits you, is to postprocess the file with some Excel-manipulating library that will allow you to change the format of those cells - or with a macro directly in Excel.

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You can apply the same conditional formatting on the first row of your CV, in that case you can avoid creating a blank row.