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How do we get comments from a cubeview visualized in the pdf report?

New Contributor

We have cubeviews were we have enabled "Include Cell Attachment Status" and we want all comments printed on the PDF report at the end with reference to the POV, is that possible and if yes how do we do it?

We have used Annotation Detail as we what our users to be able to have answers questions in a new Annotation Detail.

Any advice highly appreciated!

// Katarina


New Contributor III

To be honest, I'm not sure there is an 'easy' way to do this. Assuming this is a simple, one column report (I realize it likely isn't) a second column could be created which pulls the V#Annotation member to show the comments. A dynamic calculation in UD8 could return the POV of the cell for reference. So you would have 3 columns - Data, Comment, POV. 

For a multi-column report, I would create a second Cube View that runs a UD8 dynamic calculation which returns the comment with the POV String concatenated together (could insert a line break with the vbCrLf keyword). Then you could package those two report together in a book to get the desired output.