How does Quickview decide on page breaks?

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I just had a call from an Excel user who uses the OneStream addin.

He has a number of reports that he's been using, but they're working differently today, and we don't know why. Instead of retrieving all of the records and exporting them to a single page, he's getting about 59 entries on page 1, and then page 2 has the next 19 entries, and 23 entries on page 3.

I don't know what the pattern is that is causing OneStream to separate these among several pages. Is there a preference or an option that controls this and that he might have accidentally changed that would cause his retrieval to be paginated?


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If he's using a QuickView, depending on the version you are on he should check the following settings below. More information can be found by searching "Quick View Paging" in the Reference Guide.




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Please tell me more about how Maximum Number of Seconds affects the page breaks.

It seems unlikely that the problem rests with Maximum number of rows, unless I don't understand the concept. The entire report isn't very large and each page has less than 75 records retrieved. He tells me that this problem just started happening -- that just suddenly on Tuesday, the report he's been using began being split across multiple pages. I've asked for a copy of the report so I can compare it with the dimensional hierarchies and see if I can spot a pattern for page breaks in the data.

These are the 2 settings which impact Quick View Paging. If you search "Quick View Paging" in the reference guide it will go into detail on these 2 settings. You can get to a copy of the reference guide by clicking the "?" in the upper right corner when inside the application.


You can have him up the Maximum Number of Seconds on the QV settings. That should allow the server to process longer before it begins to page.

Also, make sure the user has Sparse Row Suppression as True, this should help with processing time depending on what how his Quick View is setup. 

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