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How to display Workflow Status in Cube View or Dashboard

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Does anyone know how to display Workflow status in a Cube View or a Dashboard?

I would like to create a report that would show the status of a particular step within a subset of workflows. I am thinking of a more formatted presentation of the information available in the "Dependent Status" grid available in the "parent" workflow "Certify" grid.

More specificallyDependent Status.jpg I would like to create a report showing the status of all "Flash Report" steps in the attached screenshot.

Thank you in advance and best regards.



You can make use of the application reports that show workflow status.

You can change the columdisplaytype  to workflowstatusimage to show those icons.


I used the data adapters that came with workflow status to create this quick dashboard. (it is not pretty. However, gives you an idea)




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Actor Workspaces in the MarketPlace have some examples of how to present this.

Golfstream also has a working example...


You would just need to filter your Data Adapter to return the required WF step(s).

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Thank you very much to both ckattookaran and Lee.

Lee, if it's not too much trouble, can you point me to the specific dashboard group in GolfStream that contains that working example?

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You can also user Method Query Adapter to extract the Particular WF Status and attached it to the Grid View and you can format it the grid.

{WFNAME}{Actual}{|!WF_Time_Parm!|}{Import Status}{Descendants}{Type = 'InputImportChild'} 

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Data Adapter




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I want to tag on to this thread.  Got back from Splash excited to experiment with dashboards and created a tabbed dashboard for import, forms, and certification. . .

Since this is new for me, I was wondering if there is a way to limit the columns that my users see in each grid or will each individual user of the dashboard have to choose which columns to have visible and which columns are Hidden?