How to get description of entity to appear when using a loop in a report book

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I have a member filter loop set up to cycle through the children members of a parent entity in a report book using |Loop1Variable|. I also have |Loop1Variable| in the Page Caption of the cube view for the report book. Currently, the report book shows the name of each entity in the loop. What do I do to get the description of each entity in the loop to appear on the report?


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If you put the Entity description in the Report header, you can use the system parameter, |CVEntityDesc| to get the Entity description. See print screens below.





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This doesn't work when using a loop in a report book. I want to loop through 10 different entities for the same report using a member filter loop type in the loop definitions of the report book. To get the loop to function, you have to define your loop1variable in your change parameters. How do you tell OS to display a description here instead of the entity name? |CVEntityDesc| doesn't work when put into the Cubeview for a report book that uses a loop. 




How about you try using Loop1DisplayVariable?



Mine is working too. Look at the print screens below. That report is in fact a Guided Reporting report, using the |!Entity_GRT!| as entity parameter. The |CVEntityDesc| is only showing the description of the entities coming from the |!Entity_GRT!|.

Then you have the loop and the change parameter. In the change parameter you set the parameter from the report equals the |Loop1Variable|








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Where would you put Loop1DisplayVariable? I have tried it before by putting it in the ChangePOV MemberScript of the loop as well as in the cubeview header where I want the description to appear, but no luck. 

You can pick from the drop down, value, display, and index.


Then you can go to change parameters and add parameters and what their values are going to be.


Use these parameters in the cube view or xf doc.

Mine is an XF Doc.





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Hi All,

Need some help please. I have a report book to create through XFDOC in which there is a Cube View embedded. In that word doc, have a Year as a prompt (screenshot attached) through which a report will run for a particular year. What i need is, how i a can run the same cube view for multiple entities. i don't want to create CVs with hardcoded Entity and the embed it in xfdoc and then run. There must be a smart way where i can have a parameter or variable which i can pass it in the XFDOC itself and run it. Thanks for your help in advance.