How to remove logo from Cube View Report

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Running a report and the company's logo is appearing on the left top corner and I would like to hide that, just not sure how.


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Try this code in a cube view extender rule

Dim uiItem As CVExtenderReportUIItem = args.Report.CurrentUIItem
If uiItem.UIItemType = XFReportUIItemType.PageHeaderPictureBoxLogo Then
   uiItem.Visible = False
End If

(not tested my self)

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Would I insert the extender rule under 'Execute Cube View Business Rule'?

I do not have access to any of their BR's so I'm not sure how to go about hiding the logo then

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An alternate solution could be to create a new Dashboard with a Report Component.  Inside the Report Component is the Report Designer tab.  The Report Designer is a reporting design interface where you can customize the look and feel of a specific Dashboard.  Here you could delete the logo as a Picture Box Image and save as a new Dashboard without the logo.  

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If you upload a logo file that is not .PNG nothing will show on your reports. No company logo and no OneStream Logo.  Figured that out by accident, but if your looking for a simple solution...