How to update Spreadsheet form totals without Force Consolidation

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I'm building a Forecast template which brings in Actuals for the YTD periods, and the future periods are form inputs. The actuals are based on all stat entities, rolling up to a Parent (let's call it M_GROUP). They are all tagged with a UD1 Region code, "MEA" for example. To input Forecast, users post by Region so regional entities have been created, such as M_MEA. 

The issue I have is that the Group Total columns do not update to include the base entity data once a user has submitted their input. I can Force Consolidate, and this works, however I would have thought a simple consolidate would also update this? Where it is highlighted green, this has been force consolidated.  Red highlight, I just used the consolidation button. My preference is to have it as user friendly for basic bookkeepers to see their totals without having to force a consolidation.  

The form looks like below:


Does anyone have a better method to input forecast data using the spreadsheet method? Most users are keen to link to a spreadsheet outside of OS so this is how I thought best to develop it. 








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Is that total in the same scenario your input is saved?

If yes, the only other thing that I can think of is that rules might be doing something funky.

For this sort of rapid-feedback form, anyway, people tend to use DynamicCalc accounts that effectively "simulate" a consolidation without actually performing it. See this blog post for the typical approach.