How to use dashboard parameters into BI-viewer calculated fields

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Hi all, I have created some calculated fields into BI-viewer. I need to use the dashboard parameters into those calculation expressions as I have some calculations according to that. Any idea on how we can do that.


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Community Manager

It's actually super-simple, we just didn't have documentation on it for some time. But now we do!

Have a look at the Bi Viewer Tabs page in the docs, particularly the two sections on Parameter Name Value Pairs. It has examples and all. Should work fine on 7.x releases and above, I don't know about 6.x.


Thank you for the response.

Here in my case, I need to give some calculation in BI-viewer expression using dashboard parameters. For Example: Time (Current year - Prior year). I have two parameters |!CurrYear!| & |!PriorYear!| as literal value in dashboard. 

Can we use them inside the calculation that is the concern.





You are almost there, just double-click on the parameter name to add it to the expression! 😅 It will appear in the expression as ?Parameter1  .

You can then wire it to Dashboard Parameters by setting the property Parameter Name Value Pairs in the Component Properties tab like this: Parameter1=|!CurYear!| . You can have multiple parameters set up there, separated by commas - eg. MyCurrYear=|!CurYear!|,MyNextYear=|!PriorYear!|