IC Matching report before elimination

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Hi all,

We have a requirement to run IC Matching report including journal that may have been posted as parent adjustment.

In this way we are also excluding form IC MAtching deconsolidated entities and considering the amount based on the consolidation % as well as not considering equity method entities. 

This should mean running IC MAtching report specifying Parent/Entity relationship in C#Elimination.O#Elimination, compared to the default setting which poitn to C#Local or any other currency.

is there a way to run an ICMAtching report or having a data adpater which pulls data, from a consolidation different than local?


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Community Manager

The behaviour of IC Matching is fixed, if you want to modify what it does I believe you will have to write custom elimination rules.

Data Adapters can point to anything you want, but they won't be called during IC matching; you will have to set up a custom Workspace (i.e. Dashboard) to show the data.