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If Then Statement

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We are looking to take the values of a specific column and divide everything in it by 3. Was hoping to accomplish this via a Column Override. In the Cell Format within the column override we have tried several variations of the following without any luck:

If (CellAmount > 1) Then /3


Thanks for your help.


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My suggestion would be to create a member with a member formula which is typically done in the UD8 dimension. In the member formula, you can create a variable for the cell amount defined as needed and then based on the value in the variable create the If Then logic which would be similar to your example.


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Hi Haaris,
Without knowing everything you’re trying to do, where I would start would be to use the column Header Format of: IsColumnVisible = CVMathOnly for the column you’re wanting to divide. Then create a second column and use a GetDataCell or something like that with the math you want to apply to the other column. Hopefully that helps.
Thanks, Andy

You can just use GetDataCell math to accomplish this and suppress zeroes. I added a column to a cube view and did GetDataCell(Divide(CVC(CurrMos), 3)):Name( Div by 3) where CurrMos is the first column in my cube view.

Thanks Michel!! That worked.

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Hi Haaris,
As you’re learning what’s possible and how to do it, I’d suggest a good way to do that is by opening the Member Filter Builder (the ellipsis at the end of the Member Filter field) and look at the Samples tab. There is a lot of information you can gather from those. For this specific issue, you can see the syntax under Column/Row Expressions.

Thanks Terry. Member formulas are something that I need to get much better at. @andy.renich will use “IsColumnVisible = CVMathOnly” for the column we are dividing. Appreciate it!