Insert Suppressed Member Functionality Question

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

We have a form using the Insert Suppressed Member functionality and have two questions related to this functionality.

  1. When selecting the dimension that is suppressed to insert, is there a way to not show the dimensions that already appear in the rows of the form/cube view?  Currently it allows users to pick all members in the member filter - suppressed or unsuppressed.
  2. We noticed if the cube view has columns that are doing cube view math - the Insert Suppressed Member screen it will show the logic of the first row in the form - which could be misleading to users.  See screenshot below for example.  Items marked in red/#2 refence the first entity in the form/cube view - not the entity being added/inserted.





You are talking about inserting suppressed members; however, your screenshots are about drill down. There are three options for insert suppressed. You can allow the user to insert all dimensions on rows, do a nested (this will let the user pick members from 2,3,4 row dimensions) or do innermost (this will be the last dimension).

The one thing to keep in mind is there needs to be at least a single row of data to make it work.