Parcel Service Bursting - FXGet based excel to static values for non-licensed users


Need to burst out a file (ie multiple tabs) in excel to non-licensed users (ie preview of dept expenses for Fcst to managers).  I have done this with output being pdf (CV's and FXGets via Books), just not sure how to do with output being excel.  Right now I have it all working (bursting, passing parameters,...) and delivering an excel doc, just can't figure out how to convert the FXGet formula's to values.  File is getting delivered but still with the formula's.  This is when I am just using a direct link to the excel file on my App Doc's folder.  I have tried to insert the excel doc in a book but that just delivers an empty excel file.  Not sure what I am missing there.  Direct link to Excel allows the Supplied Parameters to be found and populated so I am thinking I am missing something on the Book setup.

Anyway - Anybody been able to send excel FXGet report converted to static values via Parcel Service?  Can you let me know what I have missed.

Do to formatting, multiple tabs and complexity of parameters, CV is not on option at this time.

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Hi Clarke: I would recommend sticking with Cube Views, in the Book report, just exported to Excel.  This way you can have multiple tabs in one Excel file (if that's a requirement), as well as loops, parameters, and all the formatting that comes with Cube Views.

Your book will be a.xfDoc.xlBook, and inside the book you'll use Excel Export Item of your Cube View.

Give that a shot and see if it meets your requirements.