Passing a value in a book for a delimited list parameter doesnt seem to work.


I have a parameter called IntigrityScaling with parameter type "Delimited List" as below


My cube view uses this delimited list twice.

1. As USD in |!!IntigrityScaling!!|   -> it is used to display the description of the value

2. Under formatting -> I am using Scale = |!IntigrityScaling!|

Cube view runs fine and prompt me to enter value for Scaling and and display both 1 and 2.

The issue is when i pass this parameter in a book , it doesnt take the value and prompts me to enter the delimited list parameter.



How do i pass a value to the delimited parameter without prompting me to enter ?

I dont want this prompt to pop up after i run the book.


NOTE= Liter paramter works fine when passing from books



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Default Value should contain an actual value, not a display item. So in your case should be 6, not "millions".

My bad ! I have changed it to 6. My concern is that delimited list paramter cannot be passed as a literal value in the books. It still gives prompt to select a value.

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Do you have your scaling parameter set in the book as a required input parameters? If so, try removing it if you're passing through using a change parameter. 

I don't have required input parameter.

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Make sure you are using the same parameter name in the 'Change Parameters' section of the report book as is used in the Cube View.  It looks like you are referencing a different parameter which is why you are being prompted for the parameter used in the Cube View.

Your screen shots show the Cube View parameter as Scaling while the Report Book you use IntigrityScaling

I am actually using IntigrityScaling . Sorry for the confusion. Yet , it still prompts me to enter the scaling value.

Gotcha.  Try your 'Change Parameter' as IntigrityScaling=[0]

Here is what I did to make it work.


Then I had to change the cubeview to use |Loop1Variable| and |Loop1DisplayVariable|.