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Point label text format in Advanced dashboard charts

New Contributor II

We are trying to format the point label text in a chart for the dashboard. We are able to format the value with the syntax  "{V:0,0}". We also want it to have the font color black. We have tried several options, but whatever we punt in format or back of the syntax it will print that text. In Excel you can format numbers like [Red]#,##0 and it will display the value in Red. In the OS chart the result will be [Red] 10 for example. 

Does Anyone know the syntax to use to be able to control the font color of the labels in a chart?


Contributor II

That format option is only for values I think. Anything after the format string will show as text on the chart. You have to use "series x point colors" under the section "series colors" section. I didn't find it too flexible too to change the text and background colors etc. but worth a try.

New Contributor II

Thanks for the suggestion. We have tried your suggestion, but what it does is that we get a black background when we select Black and white letters. We actually want white background and black values. We have tried white but than you do not see anything. It looks like I can not control the font color of the label text. Do you have another suggestion?