Print an Dashboard in PDF format..

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Hi Team.

We have a dashboard filled with cube views and also labels inside it where we are retrieving some values from

the SQL table. Is there any option to get a printout in pdf format of the dashboard using extender rules ?   


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Hi @ankDass Can you add some detail on the exact Dashboard components you are using for your Presentation tier, i.e. Grid View, Data Explorer Report, BI Viewer.

The best methodology to get a nice and pretty PDF output would be to create a Report Book and save it as an XFDoc.pdfBook file.  You don't need to jump straight to writing code or an extender rule to generate a PDF.


Hi, are you trying to export the labels and cube views from the dashboard to a nice PDF? I am trying too!

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Did anyone find any solution to download cubeviews from dashboard in PDF or Excel?