Quick View - Reference cell for parameter

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Is there a way to have the time POV reference a cell (A1) in a spreadsheet?  User wants to have multiple Quick Views and change time once in cell A1 and it update all Quick Views in the workbook.


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Hello CWin,

If they have multiple Quick Views in the workbook, are they changing or drilling down into the Quick Views?  I have seen clients that just have them structured the way want to and leave it that way.  In those situations, I find using XFGetCell easier so you can drive the dimension selections from a set cell in the Excel workbook.    

For example:  =XFGetCell(True, "Equipment Division", "EUS01", "", "Local", "BudgetWorking", A1, "Periodic", "41010", "None", "BeforeAdj", "None", "None", "USNE", "PRD110W", "CST1101", "None", "None", "None", "None")

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Thanks, Ben --- They want to use the dynamic function of the quick view so if a new account / entity is used it will show in their reports.  

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Hi @CWin you would need to convert the Quick View or embedded Cube View to an XFGetCell() retrieve report.  Then you can do what @BenThompson noted and have a Cell Reference to the T#.  

You can't embed a Cell Reference into a Quick View.  At least not that I'm aware of.

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Sounds like a great thing to put on IdeaStream