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Quick View no longer recognized

New Contributor III

I had multiple, fully functioning quick views in my excel file.  Once I saved my excel file and reopened, OneStream no longer recognizes two of the quick views.  The name manager in excel still has the values associated but OneStream is not recognizing the ranges. 


Has anyone else had trouble with this?  Is there a way to quickly restore a complex cube view without starting from scratch?





Contributor II

Hi Sean, 

When you say OS isn't recognizing them, did they just disappear? When that happens to me, it's usually because I have suppression set or someone sends me a QV referencing POV and we have different dimensions selected. If that's the case (and you're not getting some other explicit error), try setting all suppression to false in the QV preferences (the gear button in the context pane). To get to the QVs, log into OS with the ribbon then use the drop down on the context pane to get to the QVs. Hopefully that helps. 


Hey Nicole,

Thanks for the response.  However, it's not suppression in this specific case.  Rather, I'm unable to select the QV from the drop down on the context pane.  The QV was in the drop down prior to saving and closing the file, but is no longer being displayed when I access the file now.  The excel name manager still contains the ranges that OS initially created, but I'm unable to access the QV - it appears to no longer recognize it from a OS standpoint.  See below.  The "FXchk" QV is not accessible in the context drop down.




Hi Sean, 

When you go to the Consol tab and that range in the file, what do you see?


For the lack of a better term, "the skeleton" of the old quick view.  Everything looks like a QV, ranges/headers are all in tact.  However, nothing points to it still being a QV - its not in Context Pane drop down.



That is extremely odd. Have you submitted the issue to OS support yet? If you click "refresh sheet" on the OS ribbon, does that trigger the connection? I've never seen this issue before so unfortunately I don't have many suggestions but would definitely encourage you to reach out to OS support if you haven't already. 

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