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Quickview column formatting

New Contributor II

how can i get 2 columns on a quick view to be shown as %? 


Contributor II

Hi @RustyShacklefor 

if I'm understanding your question correctly. Your trying format your numbers to "Percentage" .

You can easily do that within Home> Number Formatting or by selecting your desired column and right clicking on it.: 



Let me know if that works. Cheers!




that works, but I was trying to change it in the quick view so when every time I update it I wont have to change certain columns to a % every time . 

I agree. The formatting doesn't stay locked in.

Try this! 



i just want one column to be a percent. that will turn everything into a percent. 



As far I know - that's a limitation with QV. If you refresh the worksheet, than it will reset the number formatting.

One possible solution would be to create this within Cube View. This way you can retain the formatting (e.g. Percent) 

You also have an option in Excel-Addin to import a CV.