Report Book or Dashboard query - is there a way to combine multiple cube views on the same page?

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Hi all,

I've created 6 separate cube views to replicate a pdf report that we send out monthly to the Board. The CV's themselves are not too big - say 10-15 columns by about 15 rows. In the report, we previously combine the 6 tables into 1 pdf across 2 pages - normally a cut and paste job from Excel. 

Now that I have built the cube views, is there a way to combine all of these onto one or 2 pages in a Report Book? I have created a book now with them, but the CV reports print to separate pages. Because of this, they only take up 1/4 of the page, so there is a lot of white space and would then push the report out from 2 pages to 6 pages - not ideal to present to the board. 

Alternatively, is there a dashboard layout where you can combine and export multiple CV's on the same page? My current dashboards are in the Tab layout with the CVs separated by tabs. 

I know an easier option would be to create a large cube view and separate the reports with blank rows, but this isn't possible since the CVs have different columns.



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Please anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can combine reports on the same page in Books.

You can definitely combine them in a single Dashboard, although you might have to do a few trial & error attempts if your target is exporting it. I'd suggest experimenting with layouts Vertical Stack Panel, Wrap, and Grid (set 1 column and as many rows as you want cubeviews to be on the same page).

FTR, remember that you can also combine Dashboards, i.e. include a DB into another DB by nesting the related Embedded component - so you could have a Tab layout on the root dashboard, embedding other dashboards that each include multiple Cube Views with Vertical Stack Panel layouts.