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I hope someone can help me out with the following issue.



We are trying to add the Report Header/Title to a report, but we would like to have it dynamically adjust to the width of the CV or Report itself (so also fill the yellow highlighted space). When I try "-1" (how you would do it in the CV settings) it becomes very small.


Furthermore, I would also like to remove the light blue line under the header (or make it the same color, dark blue). I tried to adjust this in 'Application | Application Properties | Standard Reports' but with no luck.


Thanks in advance for your help!





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Hello Rianne, in regards to the 2nd part of your question: to remove the blue line under the header you can set it to Transparent for "Line Colour". 



In regards to your first point - are you using pdf or excel output? Are you populating your header through the "Report Header" options in the cube view? If it is a dimension, all setting will be available under Header Format - Reporting (hard to tell without seeing the structure/settings of the cube view)




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Hello Dimitri,


Thank you for your fast response! Your first solution has solved my issue. Thanks! I tried transparent before but only in the 'Line Color' row, not in the 'Background Color'row. 


For my first point: I am using PDF output, so I am rendering it as a Report and using "Report Header" options. To format the header to our liking, we are using our Report Formatting business rule:

This is a screenshot of the Report Header section:




I hope this provides you with enough information. 


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Hello Rianne, thank you for providing the code - I have been able to replicate the issue you are facing. Trying a couple of things and will revert back to you. 

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Hello Rianne, please see below the outcome and the code used: 




You can play around with the uiItem.Width to make sure it meets your requirement. 

Not dynamic but at least extends it to the end of the page (will explore a couple of options more and get back to you)

Hope this helps!


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Hi Dimitrios,


Thank you for looking into this. However, we are mainly looking for a solution where the width of the Report header is dynamically changed/adjusted to the width of the report itself.

The client wants a report header for each cube view. The ideal situation would be to add the previously mentioned business rule to each cubeview under '|General Settings | Report', and all the formatting settings are changed automatically. We have managed to include every formatting item either under 'Application | Application Properties | Standard Reports' or in the Business Rule but the only formatting thing that is not automatic is the width of the header title. We have a lot of cube views for this client, so having to measure this for each cube view individually and add it as a separate rule to the business rule would be very inefficient. 


I hope you can help me with this. 

Thanks again for all the help so far!