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Retrieve Parent property

New Contributor II

Hi All,

I am trying to find a way to create a report that shows the Entity and the Parent in a column next to it. I tried to do this by using the functions =XFGetMemberProperty() and =XFGetRelationshipProperty(), both returns an error when I try.

=XFGetRelationshipProperty(“Entity”,"",B15,“Parent”,"","") returns “#ERROR: Parent”
=XFGetRelationshipProperty(“Entity”,B16,"",“Parent”,"","") returns “#ERROR: Member Name”
=XFGetRelationshipProperty(“Entity”,B17,"",“Parent”,“ACTUAL”,“2021M1”) returns “#ERROR: Member Name”
=XFGetRelationshipProperty(“Entity”,B4,B5,“Parent”,"","") returns “#ERROR: Parent”

=XFGetMemberProperty(“Entity”,B13,“Parent”,“Finance”,“Actual”,“2021M1”) returns “#ERROR: Finance”
=XFGetMemberProperty(“Entity”,B14,“Parent”,"",“Actual”,“2021M1”) returns “#ERROR: Parent”
=XFGetMemberProperty(“Entity”,B14,“Parent”,"",“Actual”,“2021M1”) returns “#ERROR: Parent”
=XFGetMemberProperty(“Entity”,B11,“Parent”,"","",“2021M1”) returns “#ERROR: Parent”
=XFGetMemberProperty(“Entity”,B12,“Parent”,"","","") returns “#ERROR: Parent”

as a reference, I tried the same function on “currency” and that works.
=XFGetMemberProperty(“Entity”,B21,“Currency”,"","","") returns “EUR”

I am assuming that the complexity lies in the fact that the parent could vary in time (?) .

I hope some body can help on this thanks.



New Contributor III

I tried doing this before and was unsuccessful.  I am guessing it has something to do with OneStream's extensibility and that a member can have multiple parents.  The system wouldn't know what parent needs to be retrieved. That's only a guess, but I'd be interested to see if it can be done.

Contributor II

Hi pling: you can get the parent-child in an export directly from the Application -> Dimensions tab in OneStream.


  • Open OpenStream
  • Navigate to Application > Dimensions
  • Select your entity hierarchy
  • Go to the Grid View tab
  • Set the Grid Settings
  • Check Display Parent-Child at the top
  • Set your Member Filter query to E#Root.DescendantsInclusive (or whatever portion of the hierarchy you want)
  • Refresh
  • Right-Click > Export to CSV/Excel


Cheers    -DB