Retrieve account in a row based on account parameter in columns

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I have a Cube View where I expand accounts to report on columns using a parameter (each parameter choice generates three different columns, but all regarded as Col1). This is a specification of what is reported in the Balance sheet on two specific accounts.

Parameter has choices: AccountA, AccountB

And the report shows AccountA1, AccountA2, AccountA3 or AccountB1, AccountB2, AccountB3.

I want to add a row which retrieves data reported in the balance sheet so I can reconcile the reporting in this form/CV against the balance sheet.

Do I have to create a business rule for this and if so, how?

I want row3 to show either AccountX or Account Y based on if I have chosen AccountA or AccountB in the parameter.


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You would need an XFBR to do this. Is there a tag or text field being used to determine whether an account is A or B, or is it by the name? If you can tell me how the formula would delineate the two, I can help you put together the XFBR to run it.


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Thank you so much. 

This is what my CubeView looks like now. 

 Parameter  AccountA   Parameter AccountB  
 Col1   Col1  
 AccountA1AccountA2AccountA3 AccountB1AccountB2AccountB3
Row1 = UD5.Base       
Row2 = UD5.TotalRetrieve account from Finance based on ParameterNo account neededNo account needed Retrieve account from Finance based on ParameterNo account neededNo account needed
Row3 = VarianceVariance Row2-Row1No variance neededNo variance needed Variance Row2-Row1No variance neededNo variance needed


I can add the account I want to reconcile against in Text6 for either the parameter account (AccountA) or in the account that is populated from choosing the parameter (AccountA1).


Does this explain my problem or am I just making you more confused? 🙂