Running Books - Second Dialog box

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When running a book, sometimes the user will be prompted with a second dialog box. The first will include all applicable parameters for them to select. After clicking 'OK', a second dialog box will pop up that reads: "There are no additional parameters for the selected item. Select OK to continue." Only after that will the book run. What causes that second dialog box and is there any way to stop it from happening?


Honored Contributor

Somewhere there is a parameter referenced (or not referenced) that is not being populated. The system tries to populate it and can't, but there is no indication that it should be forced (i.e. it's not an Input value etc), so that pop-up appears. It means "hey, just so you know, some bit here is ambiguous but your book doesn't give me anything to resolve the ambiguity". It's not great UX, unfortunately.

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