Save a spreadsheet in Application Dashboard

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Hello Team!
I am trying to save a spreadsheet file using the native "Save As Application Dashboard File" button. 



I am running OS 7.4.2 but also tried on 7.4.1.
It seems that it is only possible to save in a DEFAULT workspace on both OS version. Could someone confirm that? 
Now, if you save in a DEFAULT workspace under a specific Dashboard, I would like to know where is this file saved. I tried to extract the dashboard where I saved the file but nothing shows in the XML. So how do we extract it and where is it saved? I can see it in the Database under DashboardFileResource, but not under this Dashboard Files.





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Hi Nicolas, I ran into this as well working with Table Views. Named Workspaces are not completely working yet in 7.4.2 it seems. 

 My way of doing it is to build as much in the worksheet as I can in Excel (named ranges, formatting, etc).  Then I upload the file to a dashboard file, and reference that file in a Spreadsheet component using File Type Dashboard  to find it.  I continue to do most of the editing in excel, re uploading the changes over the existing file.



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Hi, can you provide all of the column values in the database screen print above?  I would like to see what the Maintenance Unit Id contains.  Since, I can only see the Workspace Id of all zeros it looks like you are saving a file to the Default Workspace and Default Maintenance Unit....which we shouldn't save files there since this is only for cube views 8.0 and data management 8.1.  To be certain I would need to know the Maintenance Unit Id also.  Thanks!