Show Pie Caption not displaying when running a dashboard

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We recently upgraded to 7.4.2. Prior to this our Pie Captions were showing up when view the BI dashboard. However, since the upgrade we are noticing that we are unable to see the pie chart caption. 

In the BI Designed window I can see the pie chart caption, but when playing the dashboard it disappears. Is there a bug in the 7.4.2 version that affects this?

As well I was wondering if there is a way to fix the data labels, currently we have the labels to display outside of the pie chart and we have two pie's side by side for Quarter over Quarter variance, however the labels are all on top of each other and we cannot see the labels correctly. Any suggestions on how to fix this?Pie Charts.JPG


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Hi, I have not heard about this being the case in 7.4 yet, so if no one here knows how to fix this in your case, it might be worth opening a ticket with support to log this in case this is not just a missed setting.