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Spread sheets - Use of Table View



Hi Team,

I wish to know few features are possible in the Spreadsheet or not while using the Table View functionality.

  1. there are some Enumerated fields stored in the table, say for example 0 or 1 (stored in the table) but I want the user to save it Yes / No in the spreadsheet - not sure how to achieve it?

  2. Also to make sure that some other junk value should not get updated here, an Error Message should be popped up if the value is not per standard or some color code change.

  3. How to make the cell - color filled for specific header columns - blue or so, indicating read-only cell.

  4. How to format the numbers to 2 decimals.

  5. Color Code change if the cell is dirty ( the same way it works for cube View )

Referred 1 document from OneStream Table View reference guide, which enabled to help to fetch the data in Spreadsheet using table view… but questions to above queries are not yet clear.

Hope team members here can share your experience, which we can re-use


Darpan Bhansali


Answers as numbered.

  1. I don’t think this can be done (well, the status columns do it if you ask). However, you can change that in the data table pull and edit the rows or change the SQL to pull Yes or No in case of 1 or 0. Now this will have to be done in the reverse order when you update.
  2. There is no feedback system (like dashboards). I did raise an enhancement for this. Right now, I ignore those rows and write those to log (not line by line, one single entry with all the error information)
  3. I don’t think color coding can be done. You can use the status columns, which will show up as yellow for new rows.
  4. I believe Table Views now honor the data types (from 6.3 or 6.2). You can do this by mentioning a datatype for the TableViewColumn (refer to page 19 of TableView user guide)
  5. Don’t think this is possible.


As relates to formatting, OneStream XF version 6.4.0 now has two new table view possibilities:
There are further details in the OneStream Academy video “Table Views Simplified Data Sources and Formatting”

Table Views Simplified Data Sources




image.png1138×530 40.4 KB


unable to see it on one stream library…, please guide.

Table Views Simplified

Hello Darpan, please try the word search “Release Details”, can you see the section for the new release 6.4.0?

Another place to check is page 19 of the “Table Views User Guide.pdf” in the documentation package from the OneStream Marketplace (or within the full package)


Got it, thanks

we can close this loop as well.

Best Regards and Thanks

Darpan Bhansali

New Contributor III

I believe on the 6.4 upgrade presentation the statement was videos would be posted by March 31, 2021.